If you haven’t been giving your senior’s social health a lot of thought, this July 11th might inspire you. That’s when Cheer up the Lonely Day falls and it can help you to find just the right social combination for your aging adult.

Assess Whether She Might Be Lonely

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Everyone has different requirements for social interaction, of course, but if your elderly family member isn’t getting enough social interaction, she can really suffer. Social isolation can lead to depression and to other health problems that are difficult to bounce back from. Really take a look at how socially active your senior is now and compare that with how she’s experienced social interactions in the past.

Hire Elderly Care Providers for Companionship

If you’re concerned that your aging adult no longer has anyone that she can spend time with, hiring elderly care providers can be the perfect response. They’re able to spend time with your elderly family member and they can help her with various tasks as needed. They can help ensure that she’s eating well and that she’s not overdoing it, which can also concern you.

Look for Activities and Events She Might Want to Attend

One way that your elderly family member can meet other people that she has a lot in common with is to attend events and join in on activities. If there is a hobby that your senior particularly enjoys, there might be a class or a group that meets to engage in that hobby. Take a look around to see what’s available.

Develop an Easy Way for Family Members to Know When to Visit

Having family members living in the immediate area is fantastic, but they might not visit as often as your senior would like. This often happens because they’re just not sure when it’s okay to visit or to check in with your elderly family member. You might find a new way to share when your senior is available for visits, like using a group calendar or asking a family member if they can take over being the point person for that task.

Ask Your Senior What She Wants

It’s difficult to help your elderly family member to get what she wants out of her social interactions if you’re not aware of what she wants and needs. sit down with her and have an open and honest conversation about what she really wants out of her social life. Once you do that, you can start to put options in place.

Staying on top of your senior’s moods and whether she’s getting the social interaction that she needs is vital for her mental health. Talk openly about your concerns with your aging adult and periodically make adjustments to help her to get what she needs.

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