Home Care Winston-Salem NC: February is National Library Lovers Month

Most people think of Valentine’s Day during the month of February but for those who love the library, they feel right at home with National Library Lovers Month. Elderly adults and family caregivers often ignore their local library as an excellent resource for seniors. They make the mistake of thinking that public libraries are just for children or students when in fact there are many things about public libraries that are specifically geared toward seniors. This month, aging adults should take the time to see what their local library can offer. 

Not only are library cards free, but most of the resources they provide will not cost seniors anything, either. There are so many resources that the local library can provide to aging adults. Even seniors that are not very mobile can plan a weekly trip to the library with the help of family caregivers and home care providers. Most libraries have their community calendars online, so seniors and home care providers can pick the best time and day to make the trip. 

Here are 3 things that the library can offer seniors besides hardcover and paperback books: 

1. Audiobooks 

Many aging adults have poor vision or are even legally blind thanks to eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. When aging adults can no longer read and family caregiver and home care providers don’t have the time, they can turn to audiobooks. While audiobooks are available commercially, they cost money to access each one. Not only are audiobooks free at the public library, there’s a huge range of topics. Generally, libraries allow around three weeks for an audiobook to be checked out.  

2. Computer Use 

Even though the number of seniors that use computers is growing, it’s still not very common for aging adults to be computer savvy. The public libraries have computers for all to use, and many even offer classes in the basics of use and operation. Aging adults can check social media, surf the web, or research a topic that interests them. Before they take the

plunge and buy a computer or just ignore computers altogether, seniors should consider using the ones at the library. 

3. DVDs, CDs and Magazines 

More libraries are offering DVDs and CDs to their patrons as part of their services and elderly adults certainly can benefit. Instead of buying them or paying for streaming services, aging adults can go to the library and check out CDs and DVDs for their own use. While the library won’t have the most recently released, there are certainly family favorites and classics available. Magazines are another offering that many seniors can enjoy on a weekly basis, rather than pay for subscriptions. 

This month is the perfect time to spread a little love around for the local library during February’s National Library Lovers Month. It’s a resource that can enrich and enlighten elderly adults that want to stay social, keep their minds active and get out of the house, regardless of their health issues. Family caregivers and home care providers should take the time to incorporate a library visit into their weekly schedule. 

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