Senior Care Winston-Salem, NC: How to Manage Dry Eyes for Your Senior

Your senior might experience dry eyes for a variety of reasons. You might need to try a variety of different solutions in order to troubleshoot the situation for her.

Set up an Appointment with Her Doctor

Your senior’s doctor can do more for dry eyes than you might think. There could be dietary changes and supplements specifically for the eyes that your senior might benefit from trying. Increasing the omega-3 fatty acids in her diet can also help. There may also be over the counter or prescription eye drops that would make your aging family member more comfortable. Her doctor can narrow down the options for her.

Encourage Her to Drink More Water

Hydration helps your senior from the inside of her body, even when the problem she’s having seems to be a problem from the outside. Eye dryness is one of those situations. If your senior isn’t drinking enough water, she might find that is a big part of her difficulties with dry eyes. Her doctor can help your senior to determine how much water she should be drinking ideally.

Humidity Levels Are Important

Internal hydration is important, but so too is the environment your senior spends the majority of her time in. During cooler weather, central heat can make the air too dry for her to be comfortable. But the problem doesn’t go away in the summer. Air conditioning can also reduce humidity levels inside. Use an inexpensive humidity monitor to check humidity levels and adjust as necessary with a humidifier.

Encourage Her to Blink More Often

If your elderly family member doesn’t blink enough, her eyes natural tears aren’t able to do their job. Sometimes if she’s deeply engrossed in a task she might forget to blink, but cognitive changes can also make blinking a little more haphazard for your senior. Try to notice how often she’s blinking and find ways to encourage her to blink a little more often.

Sunglasses Protect Her Eyes

When your senior goes outside, UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to her eyes and might even cause dryness. Sunglasses rated to block broad spectrum rays can help to reduce the irritation she might experience. Keep your senior’s sunglasses handy so that you can slip them on whenever she’s outside.

There’s a lot to keep up with in terms of general health and well-being for your senior. Senior care providers can help you to manage your senior’s issues with dry eyes as well as other issues. They’re that extra set of hands that you wish you had available.

Excerpt: Dry eyes are uncomfortable and if your senior’s eyes are too dry, she might develop abrasions on her eyes.

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