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Four Ways to Remodel a Home for Aging in Place

Senior Care Greensboro NC: Four Ways to Remodel a Home for Aging in Place

A 2014 study by AARP found that 87 percent of Americans 65 or older want to remain in their current home. For that to happen, the home may need to be remodeled to meet the changing abilities of a senior. Here are our ways you can remodel your parents home to help them age in…

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5 Heart Healthy Breakfasts for Seniors

Mornings can be hectic. Many family caregivers to older adults have jobs and children, so their mornings are filled with getting kids off to school and getting themselves ready to go to work. Then, they may have to stop by the senior’s house to get their day started. One thing many caregivers do for seniors…

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Tips for Caring for a Senior with Foodborne Infection

Elderly Care in Chapel Hill NC: Caring for a Senior with Food Poisoning

Elderly Care in Chapel Hill NC: Foodborne infection, also referred to as food poisoning, can be a very serious and challenging experience. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate than one out of every six the people in the United States experiences illness or infection caused by the consumption of contaminated foods each year.

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